Two-Phase Treatment

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What is the advantage of two-phase orthodontic treatment?

Not all children benefit from early orthodontic treatment. In fact, Dr. Ross finds that only about 10% of young children benefit from an early phase of orthodontic treatment (also known as Phase One treatment). In this small percentage of cases, early intervention allows us to work with your child’s natural growth process.

Dr. Ross is conservative when it comes to Phase One treatment, and will recommend an early phase of treatment to prevent damage to adult teeth, to establish normal jaw growth, to prevent future orthodontic complications, or if the patient/parent are concerned with the esthetics of the teeth.

If early treatment is not indicated, Dr. Ross will continue to monitor your child on an annual or biannual recall to monitor growth and dental development. If at all possible, Dr. Ross prefers to begin orthodontic treatment around age 10-14 when all the permanent teeth are present.